Scientific Consilience - The Biocomputing Experts

Scientific Consilience GmbH is a German company for biocomputing and computational life sciences in a b2b (business to business) environment.

Scientific Consilience has specialized in analyzing and simulating biological data and pharmaceutical characteristics. We combine the major findings from various scientific disciplines to generate valuable and unique solutions with a strong focus on (statistical) data analysis, software and algorithm development. Our products and services have a strong focus on computer aided biological and pharmaceutical research and scientific computing for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Scientific Consilience mainly employs Azrar for the following services:
Biomarker Selection - TrueSet
Modelling Transdermal Drug Uptake - DSkin
Molecular Modelling
Scientific Computing

Commonly, a customer owns data that should be processed in a certain way and the results have to be transferred back.

Figure: Typical data transfer scenario.

As a consequence Scientific Consilience has strong security needs. Scientific Consilience has a strong security policy for, e.g., data handling and many requirements for secure but viable transfer of huge amounts of frequently changing data. Data changing and update is a key challenge since it appears as often as it is not always practicable to send the new information on DVD. Strict time lines prevent data transfer by post or courier service.

Scientific Consilience determined to release Azrar under the GNU General Public License, see license. This tool shall be free to use for everyone and must not contain any hidden adware, spyware, or (hidden or official) advertisement. Everyone is invited to review the source code and to employ and to validate Azrar.

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