Brief Instruction

The system of Azrar consists of the software itself, a key DVD, and a data transfer code (DTC) list. Since Azrar uses symmetric encryption/decryption both communication partners share identical copies of the key DVD and the DTC list. Key and list can be generated by Azrar.

This key information is sufficient for several encryptions/decryptions and does not have to be shared each time new data have to be encrypted.
  1. Generate the key and the DTC list (in Azrar).
  2. Burn the generated key folder onto DVD (2 copies).
  3. Print out the DTC list (2 copies).
  4. Send one copy of the key DVD and one copy of the DTC list to your communication partner.
  5. Assign the letters A and B, i.e. define which person is called A and which is called B (it is irrelevant whether A or B generates the key).
Figure: Key generation and key sharing process.
Sharing data
Figure: Secure data sharing with Azrar and webspace.
  1. Compress your data to a, e.g., zip file.
  2. Insert key DVD.
  3. Choose a not yet employed DTC from DTC list and enter it.
  4. Enter your letter, i.e. if you are person A choose A.
  5. Press Encrypt button.
  6. Store encrypted file on webspace.
  7. Communicate the hash code of the encrypted file to your partner.
  1. Store locally the encrypted file.
  2. Calculate hash code of encrypted data (in Azrar) and compare (in Azrar) to the hash code sent by your partner.
  3. Insert key DVD.
  4. Identify the number of the employed DTC (in Azrar) and enter corresponding DTC from your list.
  5. Choose the letter of the sender, i.e. if he/she is person A choose A.
  6. Press Decrypt button.
  7. Decompress decrypted (zip)file.

More information can be found in

Azrar's manual and documentation.